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Is This Your Son-in-Law?

blog beard.jpg

We see a lot of moms who laugh when they see this in our booth. It is part of the nifty display Rob made for our handmade beard combs.

“Hey,” they say. “that’s my son-son-in-law-nephew-grandson!” They arm themselves with a comb or two (even though what they really want to give the lad is a giant pair of scissors).

Lately, we’ve been seeing the sons-son-in-laws-nephews-grandsons themselves. They’re eager to pose and, honestly, they make a really fine-looking crop.

bearded guy 3.jpg
bearded guy 1.JPG
bearded guy 2.jpg

In fact, we’re thinking we’ve got a new calendar in the works: The Dudes of Dead Horse Bay. So how about a pic of the hairy guy in your house?