Dead Horse Bay Arts Company
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How We Get Stoned


Almost every one who picks up one of our boxes asks the same question: “where did you get THAT?” Meaning the curious fossil…

Nautilus  final.jpg

…the spectacular crystal…

laboradite spike.jpg

…or the just plain gorgeous stone that Rob works into the design.


Here’s the answer. We spend a lot of time stalking beaches, river beds, and ghost towns for the perfect find.

finding stones 10.jpg

But we also accept that we’re never going to set foot deep into gem mines or beneath the ocean floor. That’s why we also hunt at gem and fossil shows.

finding stones 2.jpg

Rob goes through tray after tray, hunting for just the right specimen to match his artistic vision.

finding stones 1.jpg

That intense scrutiny often yields unexpected finds…like this relic from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

finding stones 3.jpg

After covering every inch of 150,000 square feet of exhibit space, we came home with some fine contenders.

finding stones 4.jpg

That’ll keep him busy for a few months. Until we head off to Lake Superior next month, in search of agates.

Yup, we just never stop getting stoned.