Dead Horse Bay Arts Company
Sapele Knife Block 400.jpg


Yes, We Take Requests.


“Can you make this…only bigger?” “How about this…only smaller?” “Does this come in a different color?

The answer is (almost) always yes. We love teaming up with you to make our creations fit your home….or to help you bring your own ideas to life.

Here’s a case study.

handmade wooden knife block with bamboo

Laura (names have been changed to protect the innocent) dropped by our booth last December and fell in love with this knife block (well, who wouldn’t?).

But she suspected the warm wood color would clash with her very colorful kitchen. Could Rob make this…only darker? Would it be as beautiful? And would it fit into her kitchen?

We answered these questions through a merry exchange of emails. Laura sent photos of her beautiful cabinets, some black, some winestain (a color you can find readily on any of my blouses). She sent photos of her rich turquoise back splash and stunning white marble counter top. She also sent this photo.

old knife block 400.jpg

That’s her sorry ‘ole glued-together Cutco knife block, which had probably been with her when she moved into her first apartment sometime during the last century. (See why we changed her identity?)

We sent photos too. She settled on a case made from African wenge but just wasn’t sure about the base. Should it be winestain? Turquoise? Something else? Through the miracle of Photo Shop, we showed her a variety of choices.

These images sparked Laura to come up with an even better idea and Rob went to work. Since she only lives an hour away from us, we promised to deliver the knife block so she could test-drive it in her own kitchen. And if it didn’t thrill her, it would just come back to Bucks County. All at no charge.

Yesterday, I wrapped it in happy paper and ribbon (that was awkward at best) and slid it into my front seat. In an hour, I put it into Laura’s hot little hands .

reveal 400.jpg

We moved Sorry Ole’ Mr. Cutco out of the neighborhood…and slid Cool Ms. Wenge right on in.

handmade wooden knife block bamboo.jpg

Needless to say, my front seat was empty on my return home.