Dead Horse Bay Arts Company

Why Dead Horse?

Why Dead Horse Bay?

dead horse bay bottles

Would you believe

it is a beach in Brooklyn?

In the horse-and-buggy world of 18th century New York, dead horses wound up at rendering plants in outer Brooklyn.

Hence the name. But…

dead horse bay brooklyn.png

For 100 more years, the city also dumped its trash there.

Milk bottles and silver forks,roller skates and toasters...all plowed into a landfill and disappeared from memory. Until the lapping waters of Jamaica Bay began to peel away the sand...and release artifacts onto the shore.

dead horse bay brooklynJPG

For us, Dead Horse Bay

is a state of mind.

We are wild for these graveyards of how it once was. We spend hours and days scrounging around Dead Horse Bay, Arizona ghost towns, Idaho mining camps. Because in the crumbling wood and the rusty hardware, we hear stories.

We feel as if we are reliving memories we don’t really even have. And we bring those memories into everything we create.