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Dead Horse Bay Arts Company creates functional craft in wood or cloth.
We shape it all with an eye for detail and a nod to our adventures combing through the past.

His name is Rob Herion. He runs his hands along wood the way your Aunt Doris pets cats. To him, there's nothing in the world like it. "When I pick up a piece of wood and look closely at its grain, I often go into a trance," he admits. "My eyes are wide open and yet suddenly I see the lid of a new box. I pick up another board and, hey, there are the sides." As you can see in our catalogue, Rob crafts wood with the precision he mastered in his 40+ years as an old-school printer. His other passion is collecting: magic, antique cards, rocks, and stuff from abandoned buildings.

Her name is Julie Stockler. Her affinity for needle and thread began in high school, where she embroidered peace signs on everyone's work shirts. It has deepened into nearly two decades of quilts and fiber art that express her love of color and her sense of whimsy  (Check them out on her blog: Threading the Dog). The tiny, uneven handstitches in old quilt remnants  mesmerize her. "These are the fingerprints of a woman untroubled by perfection in stitch or color," she sighs. "She needs to get a blanket on the bed before it snows. And I love her for that."
Julie also hikes, walks two boxers (dogs, not pugilists) and does her best to prevent Rob's collections from taking over the house.

Yes, we are husband and wife.
We live in an old blue farmhouse with a red tin roof in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

And yes, we are sweethearts.