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Sneak Preview: New Boxes

Here's a sneak preview of just a few of the new boxes debuting at our fall 2018 shows.  There's a line-up of little guys (the smallest is about 1.5 inches square):

and a team of their bigger brothers.

The biggest boxes reflect Rob's passion for nature's oddities. How 'bout handles made from a fossilized sea creature that is between 65 and 240 million years old?
Or a magical ole maple burl with the most delicate of whorls?

Or a megalodon* tooth from the coastal rivers of South Carolina.

* That would be a prehistoric shark about 3x the size of a great white shark. Also known as the "meanest predator that ever lived."

Come look them over--our first show is over Labor Day weekend right here in Bucks County at the bucolic Art in the Garden Show at Paxson Hill Farm.



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  • Jamie lynne McMullan on

    These are so unique!! And beautifully crafted. I’ve got my eye on that sea shell one…

  • Judy Greenberg Litroff on

    Wow so original and one of a kind treasures to put your own special treasures in!!

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