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Rob Rings in the New

Rob will be ringing in 2018 by fulfilling his dream of woodworking full time. That's right, he has turned over the reins of his printing business to his partners. He will now devote his days to creating boxes, boards, and anything else that strikes his fancy. And then hitting the road to meet you all at craft shows again. Right now, he is fulfilling commissions from our craft shows last fall. Like an encore version of this knife block, which lets you slide your knives in and out of bizillions of bamboo skewers (de-skewered, of course). And we're also ringing...

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Shark Byte!

Sometimes it helps to grow old.  We were just featured in a special "Becoming an Artist After 60" article in Artsy Shark.  Check it out here! And don't forget to come by and say hello to us two geezers in two weeks at Craft Westport. Its the longest running indoor fine craft event in Connecticut--42 years and still going strong.  So's the Bearded Man. Here he is, gazing lovingly at the wood-turned-into-board for a brand new endgrain cutting board.   SaveSave

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Crop Squares

We are spending the summer growing goodies for the November and December craft shows. Here's how the crop is coming along:

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Speaking of Trilobites and Tagua Nuts...

Q: What does this 400-million-year-old creature from the bottom of a long-lost ocean... ...have in common with this rock-hard seed from a South American palm tree? A: The Bearded Guy took one of each from his Cabinet of Curiosities and turned them into handles for his handmade heirloom boxes!  Check 'em out here and here. SaveSaveSave

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We were tickled pink to open the envelope accepting us to two premium craft shows this year! We will be at Craft Westport 2017 in November and Holiday Craft Morristown 2017 in December. We'll be keeping company with some mighty fine makers: And now, we gotta get cutting, sanding, staining and sewing....see you in Connecticut and New Jersey.   Save

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